PCB Confirmed potential Venues for Champions Trophy 2025

Pakistan Cricket Board finalises Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi as the potential Venues for ICC Champions Trophy 2025.

potential Venues for Champions Trophy 2025

“We’ve sent the schedule for the Champions Trophy matches in Pakistan,” PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi declared during a Lahore press conference. We had a great meeting with the security staff from the ICC. They examined the arrangements here, and we will also show them the blueprints for the stadium renovation.

Naqvi stated:

“We are trying to ensure we host a perfect tournament in Pakistan,”

The PCB has repeatedly insisted that no changes be made to the tournament to accommodate India.

Renovation of potential venues for Champions trophy 2025

Naqvi also acknowledged that the three suggested locations must be in better shape to host international cricket matches now.

Naqvi further Said:

“If you look at Gaddafi it is good, but it’s not the better for watching cricket. Perhaps football, but not cricket.”

“The stadiums’ amenities need to be improved because of some long-standing issues. Karachi is not doing well. Therefore, on May 7, we will evaluate the offers from foreign businesses that will assist us with design.”

Naqvi concluded:

“Although it is now late, we still have four to five months to complete these upgrades. Although it will be a very difficult test, we are capable”.


Where is the next ICC Champions Trophy 2025 venue?

PCB confirmed Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi as potential Venues for ICC champions trophy 2025.

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