Rules for the Cricket Match

Cricket is a famous and popular sport that is loved worldwide. The game is based on the speed and stability of the ball, bat and wicket. Cricket started during the British Raj and then left its mark worldwide.
Cricket has also grown popular in Asia, Africa, and Western America. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies are among the famous cricket teams.
Different formats of cricket include One Day International, Test match and Twenty20 cricket.

cricket ground

Team Members: 11 players

First Played: 16th Century

Main Governing Body: ICC

Cricket Rules

Cricket players have to hit the ball towards the wicket, while the player towards the wicket has to score points by hitting the ball. Most of the matches in this game are between two teams.

  • Cricket involves essential equipment – the ball, the bat, and other accessories.
  • Cricket is played between two teams, each team consisting of 11 players. Players include Batsmen, bowlers and Wicket keepers.
  • The match is usually played on a significant oval-shaped ground with 22 yards.
  • During the game, two batsmen from the batting team will be on the pitch, while all 11 players from the bowling team will be on the pitch.
  • The match will also include two umpires on the field who make the match’s decisions and a third umpire to monitor the game.

Basic cricket Rules


  • During the first 10 overs of the game, a maximum of 2 fielders are allowed outside the (30-yard) circle.
  • Between 11 and 40 overs a maximum of 4 fielders are allowed outside the (30-yard) circle.
  • In the final 10 overs, a maximum of 5 fielders are allowed outside the (30-yard) circle.


No ball credits one run to the batting team. It happens when the bowler crosses the crease with the front foot while bowling. The ball also counts No-Ball if the ball doesn’t hit the pitch.

Wide Ball awards a score to the batting team. It also provides an opportunity for the batsman to play an extra ball in the replacement of the wide ball. It happens when the ball is thrown far from the bat or above the head of the batsman.

Dead Ball happens when the ball bounces two or more before reaching to the batsman. This ball doesn’t provide an extra score to the batting team but an extra ball will be served to the batsman.

Cricket Equipment


A wooden bat is used in cricket made up of English willow trees.



Red, pink or white ball is used for cricket. White ball is used during the night matches under floodlights.



Three wooden poles used as the wickets



These are used to place on the stumps.



Batsmen, wicket-keepers and fielding players use gloves for hand protection.


Leg Pads

Batsmen and wicket-keepers use leg pads.

Leg Pads


It is worn by the batsman and fielders for head protection


Cricket understandings

In a cricket game, the batsman tries to score by hitting the ball thrown at him. And the bowling team tries to out the batsman. A batsman gets six scores if he hits the ball outside the boundary. A ball that crosses the field boundary with one bounce or more It awards the team four scores. If the bowler makes a ball against the game’s laws, it awards a score to the opposite team.


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When the ball (thrown by the bowler) hits the wicket, It outs the batsman.



When the fielder or wicketkeeper catches the ball, (hit by the batsman). It, too, outs the batsman.

Leg Before Wicket


when bowler throws the ball and ball strikes the leg of batsman infront of wicket.

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