Legends League 2024 will start on July 3rd

The World Championship of Legends 2024 starting on July 3. A sight on the complete WCL 2024 schedule including match timings and venues.

World Championship of Legends 2024

Teams Competing in the World Championship of Legends 2024

The WCL 2024 will be played between July 3 and 13 at the two venues (Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Northampton Stadium) in England. Evoking memories the cricket legends of yesteryears will take part in the tournament.

The tournament will see six teams;

India Champions
India Champions
Australia Champions
Australia Champions
South Africa Champions
South Africa Champions
WCL LogoEngland Champions
England Champions
Pakistan Champions
Pakistan Championship
West Indies Champions
West Indies Champions

World Championship of Legends 2024: Which International Stars Will Be in Action?

Some familiar former international stars include;





South Africa:

West Indies:

World Championship of Legends 2024: Full Schedule and Details

Team 1.Team 2DatesVenues
England ChampionsVSIndia ChampionsJuly 03Edgbaston Stadium
Australia ChampionsVSPakistan ChampionsJuly 03Edgbaston Stadium
South Africa ChampionsVSEngland ChampionsJuly 04Edgbaston Stadium
Pakistan ChampionsVSWest Indies ChampionsJuly 04Edgbaston Stadium
Australia ChampionsVSSouth Africa ChampionsJuly 05Edgbaston Stadium
India ChampionsVSWest Indies ChampionsJuly 05Edgbaston Stadium
England ChampionsVSAustralia ChampionsJuly 06Edgbaston Stadium
India ChampionsVSPakistan ChampionsJuly 06Edgbaston Stadium
South Africa ChampionsVSWest Indies ChampionsJuly 07Edgbaston Stadium
England ChampionsVSPakistan ChampionsJuly 07Edgbaston Stadium
India ChampionsVSAustralia ChampionsJuly 08Northamptonshire Stadium
West Indies ChampionsVSEngland ChampionsJuly 09Northamptonshire Stadium
South Africa ChampionsVSPakistan ChampionsJuly 09Northamptonshire Stadium
West Indies ChampionsVSAustralia ChampionsJuly 10Northamptonshire Stadium
India ChampionsVSSouth Africa ChampionsJuly 10Northamptonshire Stadium
Semi-finalist 1VSSemi-finalist 2July 12Northamptonshire Stadium
Semi-finalist 3VSSemi-finalist 4July 12Northamptonshire Stadium
Finalist 1VSFinalist 2July 13Edgbaston Stadium

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